The Cons of Being a Black PT Student

No one will admit it but, physical therapy is an underserved field. That being said, there are a few minorities. A very, small few! According to CAPTE, 79 percent of P.T. students who enrolled in 2014 were Caucasian. The obvious 21 percent made up the minority of the programs. So how many of them were African American? 16 percent? 8 percent?! No. Only 3.1 percent of students enrolled in P.T. school were black. I was astonished and pretty shocked after seeing that number. I wanted to meet every African American student and ask them why did they choose P.T. and how they felt about being a minority. As the only African American female in my class, I have to work a little bit harder. As Viola Davis said in her famous Emmy speech, “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.” Therefore, black women must prove that they are more than an angry, volatile “baby mama” who will go off on you if you look at her wrong. We are more than that.We are teachers, actresses, managers, financial advisors, social workers, police officers, scientists, lawyers, professors, doctors. Even neurosurgeons! WE are more than capable of setting and achieving these goals. The opportunities are endless. We just have to make use of them.


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